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HHF Workshop Hosting

How it works

HHF provides:

  • Teaching space

  • Marketing help ... 'getting butts in seats'.

  • Online registration

  • Assistance in designing and delivering your workshop.

  • Possibly storage of equipment/materials as space permits

You provide:

  • Equipment, tools and materials for your workshop.  (though I have some ceramic and glass working gear, pyrography equipment, weaving looms and other things that have been donated available for use)

  • Your expertise

  • Setup and cleanup

Workshop topics and Arts

Traditional arts ...the things we've been doing for the past 350,00 years ... working with wood, metals, textiles, clay, glass, soap, candles, sketching, found-objects, garments, paper, leather, flowers, stone ... If it starts out as an image in the mind and can be manifested with the hands ... it qualifies.,

Reasons it's a good idea ...

I have underutilized studio and teaching space available for use. 

I have a large email subscriber list I've compiled over 4 or 5 years ... gathered from students and visitors during off-site demonstrations and events.

I've been delivering my own workshops for 20+ years.  I've learned some things about setup and marketing art/creative classes.   I've made most of the the mistakes (but somehow manage to invent more:) I want to share what I've learned. 

My background is in instructional design and helping instructors organize and present material. If you've not taught before I can help:)  I've  developed instruction and instructors professionally for 20+ years ... Ford Motor Co, Gulfstream Aerospace, US Dept of Defense, adjunct faculty , PADI scuba instruction ...

My workshops stay pretty full 3 to 5 weeks out and my students ALWAYS leave happy:) See HHF Google reviews:)

As we teach more things, we'll be able able to pool resources and expertise.  Marketing is always the most challenging part of any income-generating effort.  As more instructors come on board, we can spread the workload for everyone's benefit.  It'll grow:)


My objective in hosting workshops is not entirely financial.  Ultimately, the goal is to create an entire school for traditional arts.  Hosting workshops with other instructors teaching different things is a step in that direction.

The money

...negotiable.  Pricing structure will evolve but it seems reasonable that the instructor keep 70 to 80 percent of whatever is charged per participant ... depending on hours, space requirements, etc.  The specific number will be agreeable to everyone before things proceed.

Just ...

... get in touch with me ... cell 678.876.1654 or email ... I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.


Hammered Heart Forge Studio located at 272 Lowell Drive in Sharpsburg.

We're located on a working horse farm please mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese and other critters on the way in:) Follow the signs..

Some videos

Excellent video on our knife making workshop by Justin Hoffman

Short trailer for an extensive interview with Michael Sebacher by Meagan Skerchock

Awesome work by Josh Henry

Makes ya wanna hit hot steel:) by Tracy DeLeon

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