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Hammered Heart Forge
Youth Blacksmith Camp

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  • Designed for beginners, ages 13 and up.

  • Each participant 17and under must have an adult in attendance.

  • Participation is limited to FOUR participants per 3 day session set.

  • We'll be making 2 projects, a grilling fork and a candlestick holder.

  • Cost is $350 per participant. Payment dialogue below.

  • Water, safety glasses and gloves are provided.

  • A Liability Waiver is required to be signed

  • The workshop is led by Michael Sebacher, a local artisan and teacher... his bio here.

What and How

Instruction includes discussion, slide show presentation, videos and demonstrations.  This is a hands-on event... most learning will come from doing.  Safety rules will be thoroughly explained and strictly followed by all participants.

Session 1-Monday

History and heritage of blacksmithing

Blacksmithing traditions

About steel and heat

Safety in the studio

Tools and equipment

How we move metal

Hammer practice

Heat, hold and hit

Session 2-Tuesday

Project Grilling Fork

Session 3-Wednesday

Project Candlestick Holder



Two session sets are scheduled...

Set 1 is July 17, 18,19

Set 2 is July 24,25,26

All sessions times are from 9am until 12noon.


Workshops are conducted at the Hammered Heart Forge Studio located at 272 Lowell Drive in Sharpsburg.

We're located on a working horse farm please mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese and other critters on the way in:)

Important Things to Remember

  • Dress for the weather and the environment.  This is a working studio ... dirt, grit, and heat  are always present.

  • Gloves, safety glasses and water are provided. Prescription glasses are fine as worn.

  • Long hair should be tied back or under a hat.

  • Nylon or polyester clothing is unsafe ... cotton, wool, or leather work:)

  • Taking photos/videos is definitely encouraged but mustn't interfere with others working.

  • Those under 17 must be accompanied by a related, responsible adult.

  • Safety rules will be thoroughly explained and strictly followed by all participants.


Workshop cost is $350 per participant...payment dialogue below.

Youth Blacksmith Camp
Set 1 - July 17,18,19

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Youth Blacksmith Camp
Set 2 - July 24,25,26

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Please contact me any time with questions:


Please feel free to visit studio prior to your workshop date:)


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