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Hammered Heart Forge
Kids Blacksmith Camp



  • Designed for beginners, ages 10 to 15 ... ish ... some exceptions ... maybe ... call me:)   I'm constantly surprised by the maturity and good judgement displayed by some of these kids... for that reason age boundaries are somewhat flexible ... HOWEVER  safety-conscious behavior must be exhibited at all times.

  • Each participant must have an adult attending and diligently observing.

  • Participation is limited to FIVE participants per 3 day session set.

  • We'll be making 2 projects.

  • Cost is $300 per participant.

  • Water and safety glasses are provided

  • Gloves required ... leather ... the cheap thin leather ones are best.

  • The workshop is led by Michael Sebacher, a local artisan and teacher... his bio here.

What and How

Back by demand ... this is the second year we've offered kids instruction ... includes discussion, slide show presentation, videos and demonstrations.  This is a hands-on event... most learning will come from doing.  Safety rules will be thoroughly explained and strictly followed by all participants.

Session 1-Monday

History and heritage of blacksmithing

Blacksmithing traditions

About steel and heat

Safety in the studio

Tools and equipment

How we move metal

Hammer practice

Heat, hold and hit

Session 2-Tuesday

Project 1

Session 3-Wednesday

Project 2


Two session sets are scheduled...

Set 1 is June 3 to 5

Set 2 is June 10 to 12

All sessions times are from 9am until 12noon.


Workshops are conducted at the Hammered Heart Forge Studio located at 272 Lowell Drive in Sharpsburg.

We're located on a working horse farm please mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese and other critters on the way in:)

Important Things to Remember

  • Dress for the weather and the environment.  This is a working studio ... dirt, grit, and heat  are always present.

  • Bring gloves ... leather ... the cheap thin leather ones work best. Safety glasses and water are provided. Prescription glasses are fine as worn.

  • Long hair should be tied back or under a hat.

  • Nylon or polyester clothing is unsafe ... cotton, wool, or leather work:)

  • Taking photos/videos is definitely encouraged but mustn't interfere with others working.

  • Each participant must be accompanied by a related, responsible adult.

  • Safety rules will be thoroughly explained and strictly followed by all participants.


Workshop cost is $300 per participant. Refundable prior to 13 May.

Register on the Workshop Calendar here ... go to June.


Please contact me any time with questions:


Please feel free to visit studio prior to your workshop date:)


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