Workshop Gift Certificate Purchase Instructions

Gift Certificate Christmas.png

To purchase a Gift Certificate for a workshop date you'd like to schedule LATER...

  1. Read about workshop safety, directions and other information here.

  2. Fill out the information in the box below and submit payment.

  3. You'll receive via email, a gift certificate(s) with the name(s) specified in the box below.

  4. Certificate is sent in both .pdf and .png format ... suitable for printing.

  5. If you're waiting to schedule your workshop, the date on certificate will read "To Be Scheduled".

  6. If you have your certificates already, you need not fill out all the information, however it's necessary to go through the payment dialogue for each participant separately (I haven't figured out how to do a 'Quantity' yet).

Blacksmith Workshop Gift Certificate Purchase
Date to be Scheduled Later

Blacksmithing Spike-Knife Workshop


Holiday promotion $90


When purchasing multiple gift certificates the form and payment must be submitted for each one separately.


Any questions or problems ... contact Michael Sebacher at or call/text 678.876.1654