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Blacksmithing Workshop Gift Certificates

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About Gift Certificates....

  • Gift certificates are discounted 10% off open registration cost

  • Personalized with the recipients name ... printable presentation quality image

  • Emailed to you within 48 hours of purchase.

  • Gift now .... schedule later.

  • Workshop dates available on our calendar page.

  • Knife Making workshop description .. Blacksmithing workshop description

  • You may select a workshop date at time of purchase or schedule later

To purchase ...

  1. Select either Knife Making or Blacksmithing workshop and purchase.

  2. Submit information for your certificate.

  3. Rather than going through the dialogue for multiple certificates, you can email me and I'll invoice you.

Step 1 - Choose workshop and purchase

Blacksmithing Workshop Gift Certificate



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Knife Making Workshop Gift Certificate



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Step 2 - Submit certificate information

Multiple gift certificates must be submitted separately.

Got your info:) Certificate will be emailed within 48 hours of payment. Thank You!

To schedule your workshop ...

  1. To schedule your workshop, select a scheduled date on the workshop calendar.

  2. Email Michael or call him with your workshop date:)

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