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Knife Making Workshop at Hammered Heart Forge

See what happens in the knife making workshop. . .


This is an hands-on event. We start with a blade blank, hardwood scales and brass pin stock.  Participants will:

  • Design and draw a template for your blade

  • Profile blade shape

  • Drill and taper pin holes

  • Grind the primary bevel

  • Heat treat

  • Pin/rivet scales to the blade

  • Shape and finish handle

  • Sharpen, finish and polish

The workshop is led by Michael Sebacher, a local artisan and teacher.  See his bio here.

You'll  leave with a finished, fixed blade knife designed and crafted by YOU:)


This workshop is conducted in a working blacksmith-artisan studio located on a working horse farm with the company of others who share your interest.

Participation is limited to 3 students per session ... to optimize safety and ensure a quality experience.

Skill Level

Although designed for beginners, some familiarity with shop tools ... e.g. drill press, angle grinder, bench mounted belt grinder ... will prove very helpful.  This workshop is probably not suitable for those under 18 ... however, I'm often surprised by the competency level shown by younger people. I don't make any hard rules about age restrictions for that reason. 

Familiarity/experience with the hand tools/equipment can be acquired in the  Railroad Spike Knife Workshop ... recommended but not required ... questions about this please ask:)


Workshop cost is $350 per participant.  Includes all materials. Space is confirmed with payment.


See the Workshop Calendar HERE for scheduled dates.

This workshop is limited to 3 participants.

All sessions start times on the workshop calendar.


We're located on a working horse farm so mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese and other critters on the way in. 

The workshop is given is at Hammered Heart Forge Studio located at 272 Lowell Drive in Sharpsburg ... clickable map below:)

Things to Remember

  • Dress for the weather and the environment.  This is a working studio ... dirt, grit, and heat  are always present.

  • Leather gloves are required. Plastic based or nylon gloves are unsafe.

  • ​Safety glasses are required and supplied.

  • Long hair should be tied back or under a hat.

  • Nylon or plastic-based clothing is unsafe.  Cotton, wool, or leather works.

  • Photos are encouraged but mustn't interfere with others working.

  • Those under 17 must be accompanied by a related, responsible adult.

  • This is not a child-friendly environment and unsafe for children 12 and under.


Contact me at any time with questions:


You're encouraged to arrange a visit to studio prior as you'd like:)


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