To purchase HHF cuffs...

  • Very few of the cuffs we make are duplicated therefore the ones shown may or may not be available ... contact Michael.

  • Some cuffs are displayed exclusively at Blue Fern, 5 Greenville St, Newnan, GA.  Phone (678) 633-0080.

  • We always welcome ideas and requests.

  • We maintain an inventory and are enthusiastically open to wholesale inquiries:)


The works depicted produced by Michael J Sebacher and Hammered Heart Forge.  Images may be used or reproduced with permission only.

About HHF cuffs...

  • Materials used are silver plate over copper and brass, copper rivets, heavy 10 oz leather and stainless steel.

  • Each cuff is stamped inside with our makers mark.

  • Sizing and fit is adjustable within reason.  All cuffs have a stainless steel internal brace to maintain the shape and rigidity.

  • The cuffs are silver and can be polished occasionally... or ... allowed to tastefully tarnish ... your preference.

  • All cuffs designs are original and crafted by Michael, one-at-a-time.