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Blacksmith Workshops at Hammered Heart Forge

Course Description  Download and read. Mandatory

Homework - Videos and practice to be completed prior to class. Mandatory


You're encouraged to visit me, see the studio, and ask questions whenever you'd like. Like most, I don't normally answer numbers not recognized so text first. 

cell  678.876.1654




​The workshop is given at my studio, Hammered Heart Forge located on Paradise Found horse farm in Sharpsburg ... it's 50 acres of pasture, fences, pond and horses ... 272 Lowell Drive, Sharpsburg. Mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese, cats and any other critters on the way in:)

Workshop Dates

Dates will be selected based on the availability of those interested.  If you're interested, reply to me via email or text to 678.876.1654 ... do this prior to Sunday, 11 July. You'll then receive a follow-up email with a list of optional dates.  Once you've chosen your date, you'll confirm the seat with payment via the dialogue box below.



Payment via PayPal is below. Payable with any debit/bank card.  PayPal will confirm your purchase.

Blacksmithing 101 Workshop



See you there:)

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