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5th annual Hammered Heart Forge

May 4th Saturday 2024

Blacksmithing and Knife Making Open Studio Day

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Open House is open to the public at no cost.  Our purpose is to inform and entertain.  You'll be able to:

  • Hit hot steel with hammer and anvil

  • See how custom knives are made

  • Explore workshops we offer and sign at a discounted rate

  • Watch experienced blacksmiths and knife makers work and ask questions.

  • Eat and drink, knife raffles, slide shows

  • Be among those with similar interests:)



Hammered Heart Forge Studio located at 272 Lowell Drive in Sharpsburg.

We're located on a working horse farm please mind the ducks, riders, dogs, geese and other critters on the way in:) Follow the signs..

Please remember ...

Children are most welcome but must be attended at all times ... this is a working studio ... demonstrations generate heat and sparks ... safety glasses are available for observers and participants.

Some videos

Excellent video on our knife making workshop by Justin Hoffman

Short trailer for an extensive interview with Michael Sebacher by Meagan Skerchock

Awesome work by Josh Henry

Makes ya wanna hit hot steel:) by Tracy DeLeon

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